Tools for Well-Being | Projects


ProjectTeam MembersPaper
Meditation in a BoxAmy Jorgensen and Dan ChenPaper
DUSK: Creating quiet, personal spaces in the Media LabBianca Datta and Ermal DreshajPaper
Smart Heart De-Stress MonitorBlake Elias, Asma Ghandeharioun and Cindy Hsin­Liu KaoPaper
stressSpectra: Quantifying Wellbeing Through Dichotomous Key Searching Kevin Hu and Travis RichPaper
Capsule: Media Delivered When It MattersMeredith Dreman and Sara TaylorPaper
HappyMappy: Sharing and spreading positive emotionsMisha Sra, Cindy Lin, and Mindy NichaminPaper
SmileTracker: Automatically and Unobtrusively Recording Smiles and their ContextNatasha Jaques and Weixuan ‘Vincent’ ChenPaper
Odyssi: Addressing Diabetic NeuropathySunanda Sharma, Patricia Saylor and Divya BajekalPaper
Breast PumpTal Achituv Dan Goodman and Savannah NilesPaper
Distraction & Multi-tasking in ComputingThariq ShihiparPaper