Tools for Well-Being | Homework


Grading Policy
· 40% weekly assignments
· 20% class attendance and participation
· 40% final project

Prerequisites:: None

Textbook: Flourish, by Martin Seligman and other readings

Exams: There will be weekly reading assignments and a final project.

Each assignment will be evaluated for the content and research quality as well as timeliness for submission. This is a project oriented graduate class and we're more concerned about the quality of your work, your input during class discussion as well as the final course project. We will help you along the way. Permissions to miss a lecture or for a time extension can be sought for genuine reasons from the course instructor.

There will be a 25% reduction for an assignment grade for every 5 hours of delay in submission.
Assignment #DescriptionDeadline
1Assignment 1 has been uploaded.
10am 9/5
2Assignment 2 has been uploaded.
9am 9/12
Please choose topic areas you want to present on here
3Assignment 3 has been uploaded.9pm 9/19
4Assignment 4 has been uploaded.

Part 1: 9pm Monday, 9/22

Part 2: 9pm, Thursday 9/25
5Assignment 5 has been uploaded.9pm Thursday, 10/2
61. Assignment 6 has been uploaded.

2. Project proposals (instructions in Assignment 6)
1. 9pm Thursday 10/9

2. 9pm Friday 10/10
7Assignment 7 has been uploaded.9pm Thursday 10/16
8Assignment 8 has been uploaded.

9pm Thursday 10/30
9Assignment 9 has been uploaded.

9pm Thursday 11/6
10Assignment 10 has been uploaded.9pm Thursday 11/13
11Assignment 11 has been uploaded.9pm Thursday 11/20
12Assignment 12 has been uploaded.
9pm Thursday 12/4